Sustainable Dividend Achievers+

Investment Objective

Sustainable Dividend Achievers+ (SDA+) is a target return strategy with a 7-10% income objective.

It’s actively managed using a long equity (income & growth style) and short volatility approach.

SDA+ is systematic and evidenced-based to maximize the probability of achieving three clear objectives.

  1. Preservation of capital over two market cycles
  2. Generate sustainable annual portfolio income of > 7%
  3. Realize growth comparable to S&P 500 long-term average (10%) but with lower volatility


SDA+ is a two stage process, not a product.

Long equity process

Uses a proprietary quantamental screening process to create an underlying long equity portfolio with measurably superior growth and sustainability attributes.

The potential underlying long equity exposure is derived from an equally weighted list of the top 20 companies that have passed the multi-factor quantamental screening process. The top 20 list is dynamic and regenerated quarterly.

This dynamic sub-set of highest rated companies only serves to identify potential exposure. Actual exposure to the underlying is only ever realized, or disposed of, via the application of a systematic, revenue generating, short-option buy/sell discipline.

Consequently there is no fixed minimum equity exposure for SDA+. Permitted range is from 0% to 100% long-equity.

Short volatility process

Applies a short option overlay process to, serve as a buy/sell discipline, mitigate long-only risk, and enhance yield.

The investment objectives of risk mitigation and yield enhancement are met by selling market volatility against the potential underlying long equity exposure identified above.

Cash covered put options are sold to capture excess negative volatility and serve as a buy discipline that always acquires potential long exposure at a discount, and generates yield.

Conversely, covered call options are sold to capture excess positive volatility, generating yield and automating profit taking when the rate of growth is statistically unsustainable.

*Options are only used in SDA+ for risk reduction & yield enhancement, not speculative purposes.

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